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Cowgirl Hats Comparison Guide!Horse

Cowgirl Hats have arrived. You have your choice of color style and shapes. You can chose a cowgirl hat for the day at the ranch or a night out on the town. There are even custom bridal cowgirl hats.

The chart of cowgirl hats below and the analysis that follows will help you decide which one is the best for you.

ImageStyle of Cowgirl HatBrandPrice
Medium "Ultimate Cowgirl" Wool Western Hat with Leather Overlay, Inlay Detail, and Studded Brim
Bull Hide$$$
Wagon Peak 2 Tone Bullhide Leather Cowboy Hat Concho Hat band
Bull Hide$$$
Heart Attack Moroca Straw Western Hat by Peter Grimm
Peter Grimm$$
Bullhide "All For Good" Black/Turquoise Women's Wool Western Hat with Oversized Concho and Embroidery
Bull Hide$$$
Western Cowgirl Hat with Glass Beads by Dorfman Pacific
Dorfman Pacific$$
"Cowgirl Charm" Straw Western Hat with Scalloped BandBull Hide$$$
Dorfman Pacific Western Cowgirl Hat with Wood Flowers & Tail Feathers
Dorfman Pacific$$
Charlie 1 Horse "Chisolm"
Charlie 1 Horse$$$$
Bailey Western Supreme 8X Hat
J-Hat Western Cowboy Hat with Beaded Band
Summer Blue Chair Bay Toyo Western Hat
Calico Cowgirl Hat
Peter Grimm$$

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The cowgirl hats included on this chart are a just a sample of the different option that you can chose from. Your selection will depend on why you need the hat…

Lets jump into the analysis on your different options.

Charlie 1 Horse HatsChisolm Cowgirl Hat

If you are looking for a great cowgirl hat, Charlie 1 Horse Hat Company is a great place to start.  Their cowgirl hats are hand crafted in America and are available across the United States.  These cowgirl hats are fashionable, unique and fun!  Even many celebrities are sporting Charlie 1 Horse hats.  No matter why you desire a cowgirl hat, they have you covered.  Each hat is as unique as you are.

Charlie 1 Horse Hats has a wonderful selection of cowgirl hats.   Whether you’re on the ranch, the beach, or the runway, they have a cowgirl hat for you.  From animal prints to stars and tassels, these cowgirl hats are head turners.  Charlie 1 Horse Hats makes cowgirl hats in both felt and straw.  The felt hats come in both western styles and crushable styles.  The straw hats come in western, crushable, studio, and boardwalk styles.  There are roughly 90 different styles of cowgirl hats available on their website, ranging in price from $30 to $300.  The straw cowgirl hats are less expensive.

You can purchase Charlie 1 Horse Hats through their website, at one of their retail stores, or by swinging by the Boot Barn chain.  Don’t settle on just any cowgirl hat until you’ve seen the styles available at Charlie 1 Horse Hats!

StetsonWestern Supreme Cowgirl Hat

Stetson is America’s gold standard for cowgirl hats.  John B. Stetson started making cowgirl hats in the wild, wild, west back in 1865.  Stetson Hat Company has since set the bar for quality in cowgirl hats for the last 130 years.  Today the largest Stetson Hat factory is located in Gartland, Texas, but you can purchase one of these cowgirl hats from many certified retailers across the country.

Stetson cowgirl hats are rated for quality, and marked with a number of X’s.  The higher the X, the higher the quality.  The mixture of the furs used in the hat body is what determines the quality, and thus the X’s.  For straw cowgirl hats, the X’s are based on the tightness of the weave, and the width of the straw.  The inside of the cowgirl hats are marked with the number of X’s.  For hats 15X or greater, the company will renovate the hat for you.  You can arrange this through a certified dealer.

When you decide to purchase a Stetson cowgirl hat, you can access their sizing chart on their website.  If you are in between sizes, then they recommend you purchase the bigger size.

Stetson has several collections of cowgirl hats.  They include western, outdoor, casual and dress.  All of these collections come in both felt and straw varieties.  There are multiple styles within each collection of cowgirl hats.  No matter what you want your cowgirl hat for, you can find a suitable style in one of these collections.  The straw casual and dress collection has several styles that are fun for the beach or the derby.  The western felt collection has great cowgirl hats for working on the ranch.  All of these styles will look great while blocking the sun, no matter what your activity.  You can contact your local retailer, or search on, to find available cowgirl hat styles and prices.

Montecarlo hats (bullhide)Ultimate Cowgirl Hat

Montecarlo and Bullhide Hat Company was founded in 1949.  Their cowgirl hats are known for their flavor of the old west, and their stylish designs.  Montecarlo and Bullhide’s premium brands include Westcliffe, Ruidoso, and Run a muck.  All of the Montecarlo and Bullhide labels must undergo strict quality control inspections for their cowgirl hats.

Bullhide cowgirl hats are made a little differently than other brands.  They allow their cowgirl hats to air dry instead of running them through an oven.  This is more time consuming, but the benefit is that it allows the stiffener to cure evenly.  This helps prevent cracking.  In the straw and crushable cowgirl hats, the brims are fitted with a wire.  This allows you to customize how you’d like to wear your hat. Also the sweat band on each cowgirl hat is individually fitted, instead of precutting the size of the sweatbands.  Many cowgirl hats are then finished with a satin lining, and decorated with beautiful jewels, ribbons, and rhinestones.

If you are interested in looking at Montecarlo and Bullhide cowgirls hats, you can email the company directly and they will send you the names of the closest retailers to you.  Their website has the company info and the sizing charts on it.  As of now, you can’t browse their site to view the different cowgirl hat styles.  There are also many online retailers. has a large variety of Bullhide cowgirl hats.  When you type in Bullhide by Montecarlo hat company, it brings up over 400 cowgirl hats carried in stock. also carries the Bullhide brand.  They have a slightly smaller selection of cowgirl hats, but the site a little more organized so it’s easier to narrow down what you’re looking for.  Bullhide cowgirl hats come in everything from pink straw cowgirl hats, to elaborately decorated wool hats.  The styles vary from very traditional looking cowgirl hats, to more fashion forward styles.  Most of the cowgirl hats are reasonably priced.